Frequently Asked Questions

Is it healthy for me to lose weight this fast?

Our 40 day program will mobilize glycogen reserves out of the body, and in turn bring the body to a healthier, more balanced state.

What causes abnormal fat stores?

Toxicity, hormone shifts as we age, medications, food additives such as preservatives, GMOs, pesticides, stress, trauma, surgery. All these things can and more can cause imbalances in the body.

How much weight do most people lose in 40 days?

Men average almost one pound of weight loss per day, while the average weight loss for woman is half a pound to three quarters of a pound per day.

I'm an older middle aged guy, will I still lose weight?

We aid you in not only the weight loss, but bringing the body back into a natural harmonious balanced state, so the program works whether your 18 or 88.

What is the weight loss formula?

Mass Fat Loss formula is a homeopathic supplement in water, It will mobilize your stored fat as well as manage glucose levels, and aid in the uncomfortable side effects of dieting. Contains no stimulants, and no hormones.

How often do we have to come into the office?

Three times is the minimum recommended, once for your free consultation and body composition analysis, once in the middle of your plan, and once at the end for maintenance. However, you may come in as often as you like and we will assign you a qualified health coach available and at your services 7 days a week. 

Will I keep the weight off?

The biggest goal of our diet program is to "reset" you so that you're out of fat storing mode and into fat burning mode. When diet is followed exactly you will keep it off and may lose more. 

What if I want to lose more weight?

After the 40 days, you will be given a maintenance plan that is included with our program. If you want to do another 40 day round, you need to wait six weeks to restart.